August 7, 1998

Truth and Lies at Age Ten

Two stories of children lying to themselves and others. A woman who'd been diagnosed with cystic fibrosis talks about the lies she told herself as a child. And Dan Gediman tells the story of how he was cast in the public TV show Zoom, which aired from 1972 to 1979, at the age of ten. Then he was cut from the cast before the show ever went on the air. So for years, he lied about it. He let friends believe he was on Zoom.


Host Ira Glass talk with Claire, who obsessed over a Chilean friend — and then started to tell people she was Chilean herself. (4 minutes)
Act One

I, Danny

In this special half-hour story produced by Jay Allison as part of his Life Stories series, Dan Gediman tracks down the original Zoom cast members to find out what his life would've been like if he had achieved his childhood dream of being on Zoom. (32 minutes)
Act Two

Truth or Consequences

Mary Kay Prucha tells her story about the lies she told herself to deal with cystic fibrosis. (19 minutes)