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15: Dawn
Act One


Jack Hitt's quest to find out the truth about the man who lived down the street from him 30 years ago in South Carolina: Gordon Langley Hall, a.k.a. Dawn Langley Hall Simmons. Gordon was rumored to have had one of the first sex change operations in America, then to have married a black man, then to have borne the black man's child. It was said he had a full coming-out party for his Chihuahua. It was said he had voodoo powers. Jack's father, the editor of the local paper in Charleston, generally refused to publish anything about Dawn because it was too sensational — even after big city papers and network TV crews decided Dawn was news. Jack sets out to find what was true and what was rumor about Gordon Langley Hall, and stumbles onto a sprawling story about changing cultural morés in America. (41 minutes)