August 3, 2001

Living the Dream

There's a deep impulse in American culture that says that you can make yourself into anyone. Today, three stories about people who tried to do just that.


An 18-year-old named Tito talks about how he didn't have a choice about certain things in his life, especially his feelings and dreams...and his feelings about Eminem. (4 minutes)
Act One

Girls Girls Girls

Over the last ten years in Los Angeles, there's been a noticeable increase in the number of transsexual teenagers, kids who were born as boys but live as girls, and vice versa. Cris Beam has spent the last two years getting to know these kids, and tells the story of two of them, Foxxjazell and Ariel. (26 minutes)
Act Two

Agent To The Stars

Writer John Hodgman in New York tells the story of how he dreamt of getting to know the B-movie star Bruce Campbell, and how his unlikely dream accidentally came true, partly to his delight, partly to his horror. (16 minutes)


“Theme to Secret Agent Man”