December 21, 2001


Stories of faith: losing it, talking about it, constructing it, and working within it.


A story of faith lost, thanks to a book about extraterrestrials and a Rabbi. (6 minutes)
Act One

Adventures In Turning The Other Cheek

An explanation of what Christians and Muslims talk about in a place you might not expect them to get along at all: Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. Host Ira Glass talks with Georg Taubmann, a relief worker with the Christian missionary group Shelter Now, who built houses and did other good works in Afghanistan for seventeen years, until he was arrested by the Taliban in August. He was rescued in November. He says that it's actually easier to talk religion with the Afghans than it is in the U.S. or in Taubmann's home country of Germany. (7 minutes)
Act Three

The Epiphany Biz

Bill Lychak reports on what it's like to be a factory worker in the Epiphany Plant, bringing news of miracles to Christians in a magazine called Guideposts. It's a good job, he says. His account first appeared on Open Letters. (8 minutes)


“The Bible Tells Me So” by The John Matthews Family
Act Four

First Be Reconciled To Thy Brother, And Then Come And Offer Thy Gift

Susie Putz-Drury reports on Bethel Church in Dandridge, Tennessee. It's an all-black Presbyterian Church with a white pastor, who does not always agree with his own congregation on the best way to worship God. They yearn for more spirit, more charisma. He says if emotion is all you get from church, you're not getting enough. Susie explains how he's stayed there fifteen years. (16 minutes)