November 28, 2003

Poultry Slam 2003

During the period of the year with the highest turkey consumption, we bring you an annual This American Life tradition: Stories of turkeys, chickens, geese, ducks, fowl of all kinds, real and imagined, and their mysterious hold over us.


Host Ira Glass and his friend Danielle, whose family says they're eating fish when in fact it's turkey or chicken, for an unusual reason. (3 minutes)


The story of a typical American family, and how their family dynamic has re-organized itself around around an imaginary duck, invented in childhood, who somehow stayed alive well into adulthood. (14 minutes)

Winged Warrior

In the 1960s, the adventures of "The Greatest Crimefighter the World Has Ever Known"—Chickenman—were heard on hundreds of radio stations. On today's show, the winged warrior flies again. Full CD sets of the series are now available online and on iTunes. (5 minutes)