October 27, 2006

And the Call Was Coming from the Basement

For the week leading up to Halloween, scary stories that are all true. Kidnappings, zombie raccoons, haunted houses—real haunted houses!—and things that go "EEEEK!!!" in the night. Plus a story by David Sedaris, in which he walks among the dead.


Host Ira Glass and Albert Donnay read a true ghost story that appeared in a medical journal in 1921. After a "Mrs H" and her family moved into an old rambling house, strange apparitions started appearing...until her brother-in-law figured out the real cause of the ghostly presences. (6 minutes)

The Hitcher

Writer Bill Eville and his brother are picked up late at night on the side of the road...and not taken to their destination. (9 minutes)

Graveyard Shift

One Halloween, David Sedaris decided to skip all the fake monsters and ghosts and zombies and visit the real thing: Dead people. In a morgue. (14 minutes)