March 25, 2016

It’ll Make Sense When You’re Older

At first, it’s super annoying, getting told it’ll make sense when you’re older. Then, when you’re a teenager, hard lessons are learned, despite your best efforts to be too cool to care. By the time you’re actually old, you know a bunch of stuff— and you’re desperate to hold onto it. You might even wonder HOW you know all the things you know. Hosted by Chana Joffe-Walt and featuring SNL’s Sasheer Zamata.

Sasheer Zamata (right) and her mom, each photographed in third grade.


Kids do not like getting told it’ll make sense when they’re older. They’re pretty sure the grown-ups are wrong, and whatever the conversation is, they’re up for it. (4 1/2 minutes)

Act One


Reporter Hillary Frank finds out there is this tradition going on in her town, where big kids take over younger kids’ parties—and she investigates how one kid goes from freaked out to an instigator. Hillary hosts the podcast The Longest Shortest Time. (9 1/2 minutes)

Act Two


Comedian Sasheer Zamata does this joke about her mom in her standup act. About how her mom hates white people. They finally sit down to talk about why, and Sasheer finds out how mad her mom is at her own mom, for trying to make her get along with white people when she was young. Sasheer is a cast member on Saturday Night Live. (22 minutes)