May 6, 2016

Who Do We Think We Are?

It’s nice to belong, to feel connected to others. But what happens when you realize that your fundamental beliefs don’t line up with the people you want to be close to? Do you bring it up? And, what does that conversation sound like? Including a story by Mariya Karimjee, pictured. Guest host Sean Cole sits in for Ira.

Mariya Karimjee, photographed by Jenna Bredehoeft


Producer Zoe Chace checks in on Tony, a diehard, conservative Republican and Ted Cruz supporter, to see how he’s holding up this week. Not great. (9 minutes)

Act One

Whose Great Idea Was This?

When Mariya Karimjee was little, members of her family made a decision that would affect her entire life. Years later, she wants to know why. This story came to us through a podcast called The Heart. (32 minutes)