March 17, 2017

Ask a Grown-Up

Stories from people who need a grown-up. Featuring teenage girls asking for advice about their love lives and Ira's tribute to his very grown-up friend Mary.

A screenshot of Comedian Hannibal Buress in a video for Rookie Magazine's series Ask A Grown.

Note: The internet version of this episode contains un-beeped curse words. BEEPED VERSION.


Ira talks to producer Sean Cole about a video he found of the rap duo Run the Jewels—giving advice to teenage girls. (6 1/2 minutes)

Act Two

The Enemy of The People vs. The People.

Mike Wilson, the editor of the Dallas Morning News, recently got some hate mail from conservative readers. They think that the media—and his paper—are biased. So he invites them to visit and tell him why. Producer David Kestenbaum tells the story. (19 minutes)
Act Three

Ask My Grown-Up Kid

We searched for a parent who had a question for their kid...that they could only ask them after their kid was an adult. Then we found Ken Gethard, comedian Chris Gethard's dad, who had some really meaningful questions he wanted to ask his son. This is their conversation. Chris' one-man show that will be airing on HBO in May. (7 1/2 minutes)
Act Four

Ask A Very Grown Woman

Ira's good friend Mary Ahearn died this week. She was thirty years older than him...so, decidedly more grown-up than he. But that's not really what their relationship was about. (8 1/2 minutes)

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