November 10, 2017

So a Monkey and a Horse Walk Into a Bar

This week, blurring the line between animal and human.

David Slater/Caters News Agency


Ira tells a favorite joke—about a popcorn-eating horse and a hat-wearing cow. (2 minutes)
Act One

Monkey in the Middle

Nature photographer David Slater went to Indonesia. While he was there, he got some stunning photos of monkeys. What he couldn’t imagine was that he’d end up being sued, for copyright infringement, by one of the monkeys. Producer Dana Chivvis tells the story. (29 minutes)

Act Two

If Wishes Were Horses

Two women attempt very different transformations. One wants to become a mother. The other wants to become a horse. An excerpt from a short story by Amy Bonnaffons. It appears in her book, The Wrong Heaven. Actors Grace Gummer and Geraldine Hughes read the story. (24 minutes)


“Animal Kingdom” by Beau