March 1, 2019

Scrambling to Get Off the Ice

The Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee may have to fight to protect Mueller's investigation and make his report public. Now that they’re in the majority, they have new tools they can use. Our producer Zoe Chace spent weeks behind the scenes with them as they tried out their new powers for the first time. This and other stories of people scrambling to get their footing on some challenging terrain.



Mike Wise tells Ira about a run he went on one winter night with his dog, years ago along the C&O Canal in DC. It was late. No one was around. And when Mike’s dog accidentally fell through the iced-over canal into the freezing water, Mike suddenly had to navigate the canal himself, to try to save his dog. Mike reads part of a story he wrote about this in the Washington Post. (10 minutes)

Act One

New Sheriffs in Town

Jerry Nadler and other democrats in the House Judiciary Committee were anticipating their first major public appearance – and show of power – since winning back the house in November. As Nadler and his staff prepared to get some answers from then-acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker about his role and conduct as interim AG, producer Zoe Chace follows them behind the scenes for weeks in the run-up to the hearing, to see if their strategies work, or don’t. (34 minutes)

Act Two

Going Under

When Jessica Hopper was inappropriately groped by an anesthesiologist, during labor, she tries to out him that same day, to a roomful of hospital staff who don’t believe her. That sets her on a many year mission to get someone to take up her cause. She exhausts herself trying. And then finds out that at least one person had heard her – someone she hadn’t reached out to on her own. Jessica Hopper's newest book is a memoir called "Night Moves," and she’ll be the host of season two of KCRW's Lost Notes. (10 minutes)