November 8, 2019

Small Things Considered

Stories about being little. Secret writings in tiny letters. The power of a very small number. And a medication that's supposed to cure shortness. 

"A will to shake that refined individual . . ." [Microscript 215], © the Robert Walser Foundation, Bern, Switzerland, from MICROSCRIPTS by Robert Walser, a co-publication of New Directions Publishing and Christine Burgin Gallery. Used by permission.



Host Ira Glass talks about our fascination with small things. (7 minutes)

Act Three

What the Eye Can’t See

Lilly Sullivan tells the story of the writer Robert Walser, who moved into a mental hospital and then seemed to disappear from the world. Until people looked more closely. To read more about Robert Walser, including some of the writings talked about in this story, read Microscripts, a book translated by Susan Bernofsky.(14 minutes)


“All The Small Things” by Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Juke Box