Alix Spiegel Returns to This American Life as a Senior Producer

July 26, 2021
This American Life is thrilled to announce the return of Alix Spiegel to the show as a Senior Producer! Alix is one of the founding producers of the program. She produced some of the show’s most memorable stories during its early years, on episodes like “Pray” and “81 Words.”

Alix went on to do decorated work for National Public Radio’s science desk, often focused on psychology and human behavior. In 2008, she won the Robert F. Kennedy Award for her reporting on mental health following Hurricane Katrina, and shortly after that, the Erickson Institute Prize for mental health journalism.

She is perhaps best known as one of the founding hosts and co-creator of the award-winning podcast Invisibilia, which she started with Radiolab's Lulu Miller in 2015. The show focuses on the intangible forces—the ideas, beliefs, assumptions and emotions—that shape human behavior.

After that, Alix left Invisibilia to join the audio team at The New York Times, where she contributed to The Daily and to the paper’s coverage of the presidential election. She has also, over the years, contributed work to The New York Times and The New Yorker magazine.

We could not be more excited about Alix coming back to This American Life, or about the work she’ll make once she joins us again in September!