Get This American Life a Day Early in New York Times Audio

May 17, 2023

There's a whole new way to get our show. The New York Times has officially launched its new audio app for iOS — New York Times Audio — and This American Life is on there in a big way.

You can get our latest episode first thing every Saturday morning, which is a day earlier than the regular podcast feed. Also, our archive is on the app: hundreds of our best episodes, including lists of my own personal favorites. Plus This American Life Shorts, which are individual stories pulled from our episodes, so you can listen a la carte.

The Audio app also has all The New York Times podcasts, of course, including The Daily—and the new one I love about technology, Hard Fork, with Kevin Roose and Casey Newton. We did a collaboration with them a few weeks ago, Casey’s story about Twitter. They also have all the new shows being created right now by our co-workers at Serial Productions, sports shows from The Athletic, articles from The New York Times read by the reporters themselves, and an exclusive show called The Headlines — 10 minutes that catch you up on the top stories each day. 

If you’re a New York Times news subscriber, you get all this included with your subscription. If you want to subscribe to try it, you can sign up right in the app itself after downloading it.

Download New York Times Audio and start listening.