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Robert Krulwich

Robert was an early innovator on the NPR News programs in the 70's and 80s, who went on to do television on ABC's Nightline and elsewhere. Lately he's the co-host of the most innovative new show in radio, Radiolab.
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Act Two: Opposite Of Tarzan

Lucy was a chimpanzee raised in captivity, who adopted a surprising number of human traits. But this proved problematic—in quite unexpected ways—when her adoptive human parents decided that Lucy should be released in the wild.

Act Two: Marriage As Rerun

Many couples eventually encounter this problem: One person in the couple trots out the same story over and over, and the other person has to just listen. But what do the stories we tell in front of our significant others mean, and what do the significant others really think of them? Ira talks to three couples about the stories they've each told and heard countless times, and why.