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Radiolab is an innovative public radio show produced by WNYC and distributed by NPR, hosted by Jad Abumrad and public radio veteran Robert Krulwich. They approach subjects broadly related to science, and explore them with sound-rich documentaries (Jad is also a composer, and you can hear it in Radiolab's delicate mixes).
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Act Two: Opposite Of Tarzan

Lucy was a chimpanzee raised in captivity, who adopted a surprising number of human traits. But this proved problematic—in quite unexpected ways—when her adoptive human parents decided that Lucy should be released in the wild.

Act One: Kill One, Save Five

Say there's a group of five people standing on a train track, and you're on a train coming toward them. You can save the whole group by pulling a lever and switching to another track, but the catch is that you'll kill another person who's standing on that other track.